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It’s more important than ever for air conditioning to be as efficient as possible due to increasing energy costs. Our heat pump air conditioners are as energy smart as they are stylish, with room-specific controls providing weekly scheduling and presence sensors to reduce energy consumption when nobody is at home.  Wall mounted, floor standing and concealed ceiling units to suit any interior. The units are almost unnoticed in operation, maintaining the perfect living conditions.

R410A (Inverter) or R22?

Getting an air conditioner for your new office or a replacement for your already “expired” unit?
You probably would encounter people telling you about R22 and R410A. So what is that actually?

This is because of the Montreal Protocol initated by United Nations Environmental Programme.
Singapore (we belong to Article 5 Parties, Developing Countries ), under the Montreal Protocol, has agreed to freeze all production
and selling of Hydro-chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), which includes R22 refrigerant used in our air con, by 2016.
In others words,

1) there will not be anyone selling and producing R22 products and also trading of R22 refrigerant on 1st Jan 2016.
2) But using of R22 and its products will still be legal and users will still be able to attain R22 supplies and parts. And by 2040, there
will be no R22 and its product produced.
3) These dates are the lastest deadline, any countries can choose to implement the measures earlier. Or the airconditioners
manufactuers can choose to introduce their R410A models and phasing out their R22 models earlier than the required deadline.

But what is so great about the R410A over R22???

What most people know aboutt R410…

1) it is environmental friendly*
2) more efficent thus lower electrical bills
3) able to cool faster using less energy**
*not entirely environmental friendly as R410A still has a high Global Warming Potential.
** contributes certain percentage to the improvement but most credit should be attribute to the improvement in technology.

But what most people do not know abt R410A

1) it has a higher operating pressure abt 1.5 times more than R22
2) Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
3) Higher heat carrying capacity
4) it requires slightly stricter installation procedures
5) those handling R410A must attend some sort of training
6) new equipment must be purchased for R410A installation as those used R22 is not suitable
7) more expensive to maintain airconditioners using R410A (at least as of 11th Dec 2006)

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